To gain Clarity and Guidance


For the last 40 years I have worked as a Psychic reader and have worked as a Clairvoyant as well as doing a lot of intuitive personal message paintings for my clients within Australia and Overseas. In 2003 I had a near death experience and was over 3 days in a coma. I did not know it at first, but over the following months and years I noticed that increasingly 'Passed Loved Ones' were directly talking to their Loved Ones here on earth, coming unexpectedly through the readings. More and more, I also received direct messages from my clients Guides, till I discovered that I am also  a Clairaudient ,Clairvoyant and a Medium.

Some Things To Note:

1)   Your Guides can NEVER make a decision for YOU! This is because of the Universal Law of free choice. It has to be your decision alone to make. However they can guide you and show you options and possibilities, so you can make your own mind up.


2)    Your Guides are not allowed to go into other people's private details, because of the privacy code. However, you are allowed to ask and receive information about your Loved Ones, as long as it involves & concerns you, with limitations & restrictions.

All information  like this is only to the benefit for everyone and for the Highest Good of all concerned and gives you most helpful insight.


3)   Your Guides can't give you the lotto numbers~!!!! Hahaha...It is not going to happen.

However, they can point out if you are coming into a large amount of money, if in fact you are... but they cannot advise you to invest in the  stock market, or on a bet or gamble etc...


4)   Sometimes Guides want to be acknowledged and they introduce themselves, identifying who they are, but it has more a personal reason, such as that they had a karmic connection with you... or they are a passed over family member etc...

Most of the time Guides don't really want you to focus on THEM, more on the issue at hand, namely, what is relevant to you and in your life ... right now at this point in time. They wish not to be 'revealed' as such, because they are here to teach, guide and help you on your personal soul journey through this lifetime... Sometimes even, you have Guides handing over the  the assignment with you to another Guide. In other words, they have completed their mission and a new Guide is coming in... Most of the time you have more than one Guide anyway...some for particular areas, some others working as a team together.

You do have Guardian Angels too... It is very special....they mainly come forth when you call upon them!

Every Guide is in service of the Higher Good. They aim for your spiritual inner growth to awaken and to have more awareness on your Life path. They have your best interest for your Well-being.


5)   Your Guides are always communicating with you! So listen to your inner voice and allow your "intuition" to guide you! 'They' are talking to you... and take notice of all the little things around you - nothing happens by accident: the book you may pick up, with a message for you... or the feather you find on your path, reminding you an Angel is walking ahead or beside you...or a word that is mysteriously repeated  in one day etc... A million things can show you GUIDANCE, little signs and arrows to point you in the right direction. Just sit still sometimes and turn off the TV or radio etc... and listen to your own inner guidance, meditation, or praying or sleeping, or just being in silence... all of it helps to receive their communication when they are reaching out to you - or you to them - for more clarity and understanding.
6)    Your Guides are also teaching you about the Present Moment in Time, to stay with your full awareness in the here & now, looking into your past and future... but also mainly into your present moment as well!
So if you are going through some difficult times, they can help you to adopt a more positive view point in order to cope with the challenges... because there is NO bad news as such... only EXPERIENCES and how you can view it from a different angle to move on from that lesson, test or trial... and get a deeper understanding of it. Your outlook on life will have something like chain reaction effects on your future.
7)   Our Guides are reminding us:
That we are all here on a spiritual quest. Our entire life journey is helping us to evolve with more awareness, sensitivity to what is around us and, most of all, what is within us! We are all connected with one another... The only thing that is creating a separation or a disconnection is FEAR! Fear is the root of all negative emotions, it is in anger, hate, resentment, in greed, ignorance and in cruelty... Love is the opposite! Love has many layers and Love is the only thing that is REAL! It is the only thing you can take with you, when you are moving on to the Other Side as an everlasting inner treasure!
Fear is not real. It is an illusion of the EGO and is our greatest challenge to overcome. We all have fears and to heal ourselves, we need to let go of fear and come from 'Unconditional Love...actually more now than ever before in time and history, because most of us all have been here many times on this planet of duality. We are here to learn all about divine Love.
So we are all holding 'Heaven and Hell' within us, BUT it is the choices we  are making, moment by moment... that determine if we are creating 'Heaven' for ourselves...or 'Hell', by the thoughts we are thinking, and the words we are speaking and the action we are taking! We all need to be true to ourselves and live our truth! So we all can travel 'HOME' with a soul that has awakened to the 'Divine Love', which lives in us all, deep in our soul essence.We are all inter- connected.Everything is connected..everything holds Energy, Vibration, Frequency  and Intention. All has a reason and purpose and that YOU are very precious and unique! No mistake has been made where you are at this point in time and place.Be in peace
Believe in YOURSELF!
Love Susanna.

30 minutes.Phone Readings/Phone Skype

$ 110 AUD

60 minutes Phone or Skype reading

$ 150 AUD

One on one reading in person:

I have had many readings by Susanna... everytime i get blown away because she is spot on and has all the right answers im looking for :) i would highly recommend anyone who wants a proper reading to go to susanna at least you wont be dissapointed or ripped off!
from Angie H nsw Australia


"Wow.....! when I had my first reading with Susanna I was amazed at the accuracy of her details, the personal and individual time she allowed with her readings. This is no tarot card reading, this is direct divine spiritual messages, straight from the source. Things reveled to me about my past were only known between myself and god/goddess and angels. Days, weeks and months after my guidance reading synchronicity began to unfold and I knew I was on the right path. I have since recommended friends and family for guidance readings and the beautiful artwork also produced by Susanna. For messages direct from the god/goddess/angels, source who ever you connect with Susanna is truly in service with them for your highest good and I recommend her honestly and completely from my heart and soul."

Cairns, QLD



Testimonies for a phone reading:

"My reading with Susanna Isabella was very accurate and I was amazed how she described myself and members of my family, Susanna takes time to explain what she is reading and hearing and during that time you will feel totally absorbed by her voice and her medium ability to channel into your guides.  I guess the most amazing thing is that she can work with you on the phone so it makes it really easy to contact her and you don't even have to move from where you are. Please try it you will be surprised what you will start to understand about yourself, it is a journey worth doing and at the end it will be always up to you to make the change but Susanna has the ability to open new roads for you and make you aware of how much potential for growth there is in all of us."

Antonella Barca
June 2010
Testimonies for an Internet Reading:

"I've met Susanna for the first time in 2006. She read my future from a set of Angel Cards and in the following years I was surprised to see how she had accurately foreseen so many things coming, from the general picture to the little every day life details.
I still recall when she told me something about my future career and I could not believe what she was saying. I was like: 'This is not possible...'.
4 years later I had to admit she was so right: everything she said turned out to be absolutely true!

Susanna is very encouraging in her readings, she always has a positive note for us and tries to give every individual a push towards what is best for him/her, according to each person's life path. I always contact her every few months, to get new insights on my life path and to 'update' the guidance received
in the past.
I would definitely recommend her talent to anyone looking for positive guidance and direction in our life path".
Port Douglas, QLD
"the knowledge that received through susanna issabella's reading's helped me greatly at a special time in my life,
 the information gained and expressed through out the readings were of great importance in transforming my spiritual growth, helping me direct my attention positively in this world.
thanks susanna...peace an love"
David Cameron U.S.A
"I have had several readings from Susanna and she is amazingly accurate and intuitive, she has guided me over the years to seek the right path and has helped me believe in myself more through her readings and to know that I am worthy of so much more than I give myself credit for.
My teenage girls have also had readings which I think has helped them tremendously to see the future more clearly and work out problems before they arise.
 I have recommended Susanna to all my family, friends and work colleagues who have definitely walked away amazed and surprised at their readings and the accuracy Susanna shows in her predictions."
Kind Regards
Mandy Spencer
Cairns Australia
"I dont know where to start, i have had a few readings in the past from others but since meeting Susanna i am amazed at the clarity and the information that comes across from the other side regarding life. 
She has even tuned in to the  past lives of my children, that only you as a mother would know. She is amazing and I would only see her now for a reading because she has integrity & truth."
Barbara Halliwell
Port Macquarie

“I would highly recommend a reading from Susanna, her messages were very positive, deeply insightful and practical and all my questions following the reading were answered fully and in depth”.

Love and light, Deb

Susanna is genuine, kind and sincere - taking the time to explain details and clarify things further as needed.  I found my reading with Susanna to be quite descriptive and comprehensive, giving me insights and affirming that I am on the right path. It was my very first experience with internet and phone readings and felt somewhat unsure initially, but found the experience reassuring and positive. I would like to have a reading with Susanna again sometime in the future.
Cairns July 2010       
 "Highly recommended. Susanna's ultimate strength is her willingness to ensure that the delivery of her service is fully grasped, so do not hesitate to thoroughly go over any areas requiring clarification."
 -Robert Goudy, Cairns, Australia
"I Highly recommend Susanna!  Her reading explained alot of things in my life and gave me clarity on what is unfolding.... in my Life and also my Healing journey. She answered all my questions without even seeing what I had written down but also gave me insight to a whole lot more!
Thank YOU Susanna.... your gift you share with the World is Amazing!"
-John Chrystal,Cairns, Australia.
(Reiki/Seichim Practitioner)