90 mins Soul / Life Reading

$ 200 AUD

1 and a half hour Reading

1 hour Soul / Life Reading

$ 150 AUD

Birthday Forcast Reading or Pastlife Reading 30 minutes

$ 125 AUD

30 mins Soul/ Life Reading

$ 110 AUD

Prepare yourself with additional questions and record me please

45 mins Soul /Life Reading

$ 135 AUD

"We are all born with 'stardust', as a unique individual soul, with a very personal mission. We are all on a mystical quest, whether it is enlightenment we are seeking or true love or to contribute to peace ....We all have to fulfill our life purpose, go through tests and trials, challenges and eventually we are all 'journeying home'. There is only one thing we can take with us, that is our love  we have within us... It is the only 'true treasure' we gained on our earth journey that we can take to the other side. So open your hearts, be in the 'moment' and embrace life with love and one another with 'Unconditional Love'... For each of us, you and me, we are all connected in the  Circle of Life - with the Spirit of Unity. We are all precious and our life is precious ... All life forms on earth are precious.
Our Guides and also our Guardian Angel try to teach us that and  much more. As well, they help us in our personal spiritual development to awaken to our inner truth, why we are here, what our calling is, our choices and our inner blockages... as well to acknowledge our very unique soul magic & beauty! We are all here to learn and to teach.
There is an Angel within all of us if we open our heart to 'Divine Love'.
Susanna Isabella
For appointments within Australia call: 0421-128-110

 TITLE: "Dream Time"

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TITLE: "In Days to come"
(Natalis Art) 



Connect Magazine 11/2013


"Connect Magazine 11/2013"