SUSANNA ISABELLA International     Medium☆Artist☆Healer☆

"I like to see myself as a Messenger on the bridge between Heaven and Earth, sharing with you what your Guides have to tell you...or your Loved Ones."

I work with Love, Light & Integrity

 *Accurate * Confidential * to assist you to gain Clarity *Insight and Guidance  

We all have divine Guidance no matter what your religious beliefs are or if you don't believe at all. We are all interconnected and everything arround us is too. We are all equal .We are all One. We are divine consciousness having a human experience on ourSoul journey through Life.

Susanna Isabella:"I have been working as a Healer, Medium and Channel for 40 years, within Australia and Overseas.While receiving your personal channelled message I choose to use the Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Ahsian as a visual Guideline.        

Once I receive permission from you to access your Spirit Guides, I am transmitting the messages for you to get deeper insight ,clarity & guidance for your Life and yourself .

As a clairvoyant I receive personal messages from your Guides in both pictures and words to assist you to find more inner peace &healing what options and choices you have. They never make decisions for you rather show you what is blocking you or what is helping you to progress. 

Past, Present &Future information will be given to you to assist you to empower you, to awaken to more Awareness. Each Reading consultation is very enlightened healing and answers all questions you have .

Each Session is so personal and so detailed that it is advised to record me please.


MEDIUM readings making contact with a Loved Ones from the other side,can be a very overwhelming experience for you and I need to keep it separate from your personal Life reading also in prices & time frames. Please make me aware of it first that you book for a Medium Reading and I can  only do it IN PERSON and NOT over Phone or Skype. 

From my experiences younger children never come through because they seem to be in another dimensional realm and not in the" between world". When I do receive messages for you from your Loved Ones they are telepathic transmitted also through images and words.

Also I can not summon them it is their free Choice if they like to communicate with you when they still being able to be reached & to be contacted. Sometimes a Soul may have completely  moved on. {no charges occur if that is the case}

I work with Integrity and I do not do it as an Entertainment, rather being in Service of the Divine  as a humble messenger,to assist in your Healing & Wellbeing and for your spiritual inner growth.

Please always prepare a list for yourself of additional Questions and record me."

With love & Light  Susanna Isabella

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Medium & Clairvoyant Susanna Isabella

you can also contact me over MESSENGER

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Life/Soul Readings/Channelled Readings:

Skype Phone readings/and Phone readings are in Australian Dollars:

(NO additional Phone charges ! .I will call you)

30 Mins$110

1 hr $150 


Please record me on your phone when you have a Soul reading . 

Prior for each Phone reading, I require 30 mins to tune into all your questions .Please ●pay and secure your booking appointment ● send me out a receipt confirmation picture ● than email me all your questions {}, with full names and age relation to you.

Sorry without  upfront payment, I can not proceed with the Reading. Please send me a Payment confirmation receipt if you prefer to wire the money into my account or pay here on my website with the shopping carton.See page 2 &3



MEDIUM READING (contacting Loved Ones who have passed over) NOT OVER THE PHONE OR SKYPE 

30 mins $225

(I allow 15 mins to go over time if it is needed☆)

Or in person to Person> Soul/Life& Channelled Readings

30 mins $110

45 mins $135

1 hr $150


GAIN CLARITY AND INSIGHT. Most important to prepare your list of additional questions before your Reading consultation no matter how long your list is,to RECEIVE CLEAR GUIDANCE .It is advised to record me please too if possible. I am available for you by appointment  only.

If you wish to inquire more about it please feel free to contact me in working hours .Sincerely Susanna 


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